Top 5 Clues That Kylie Jenner is Kim K. West's Surrogate

Family is everything

At the end of the day, happiness often boils down to the relationship that each and every human being has with their family or those closest to them. Half siblings, friends, father, mother, stepfather, cousin---it does not matter how the relationship is rooted, rather the quality of plant that sprouts from the less relevant roots. Kylie Jenner has shown many times that she loves her family. Kylie also idolizes Kim Kardashian, her dear big sister. A chance for her to do something for her big sister would cement their relationship forever through a rare once in-a-lifetime bonding act of love. 

Kylie and Kim's Child Are Both Due In Mid January

While it is commonplace for relatives to time up their pregnancies, the age gap of over 16 years between the two pregnancies is interesting timing. They may, oddly enough, both be due in Mid-January, but only one carrying a child. 

Kylie Has Not Been Seen Since Her Pregnancy Announcement

Khloe Kardashian was noticeably quiet when questioned by Ellen on January 4th of this new 2018 year. Kylie Jenner's absence on the Kardashian christmas card was at the center of attention as Ellen  sought out the details regarding Kylie's rumored pregnancy. The emotional build up is too great to deny. The Kardashian's are a billion dollar brand. Millions upon millions of fans anxiously await the unveiling of a curtain thwarting the breadth of new life. 

Tyga Did Not Want Kylie To Be Pregnent

Kylie Being Kim's Surrogate Would Make The Kardashian's Benevolent Pop Cuture Legends