Philadelphia Eagles Need Nick Foles As Wooder Boy, not QB's staff writers did their best to warn Philadelphia about the looming disaster known as Nicholas Edward Foles. The page was clicked but the message did not stick. Right after Nick Foles lucked his way into a seemingly immaculate performance against a team who sat Eli Manning, let go of Tom Coughlin, and somehow outpaced the Jets for the biggest joke in New York contest, Philadelphia sighed a collective breath of relief as our Super Bowl dream's still seemed legitimate.  

Nick Foles' performance was truly a turd in the eggnog bowl. Fortunately, there was enough good food left beside the eggnog bowl to maintain that Christmas cheer. Who cares about the eggnog? Yes there is a need for some nog if your are going to have a complete Christmas, but the downfall of quality eggnog is manageable. Any family can have a great Christmas with ham, turkey, vegetables, steak, and the unfettered support of Philadelphia faithful family and friends, all zeroed in on that last piece of pie to validate an annual holiday tingle that travels into the most sensitive section of the human heart.

We overcame this turd in the eggnog bowl thanks to a little Christmas magic. 

There are two words in winning ugly, and winning is one of them. 

Christmas was fantastic in Philadelphia. 

Not only did we finally get some hard evidence that Nick Foles is garbage, but we won. 

We clinched home field advantage. 

We danced with the saxophone player on Pattison avenue after we grabbed some potentially disgusting pretzels from the food cart (as in an actual shopping cart) on our way back up Broad St. 

Now is the time where we need to capitalize on this painless warning. Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, even Vince Young and his bum hamstring would be better than Nick Foles. 


Yes, even with only a few weeks to learn the playbook, these guys are better than Nick Foles. These guys also could end up being a bargain as a backup QB when we really need it next year. 

Don't trust in Foles Philadelphia, let's get out of this mindset that we can win with Foles. We cannot win with him as our QB.