Mike Vick and Doug Pederson: A Familiar Tandem

As the QB's coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 2011-2013, Mike Vick became famliar with Pederson.

After a pitiful performance against the Dallas Cowboys, it is clear that Nick Foles is not the quarterback the Eagles can depend on to make a playoff run. Flashback to 2011-2013. Flashback to one of the most talented skill player strapped offenses the Philadelphia Eagles ever possessed. With his own injuries and a bevy of offensive lineman casualties, Mike Vick never truly had a chance to thrive under Doug Pederson, until now. 

He's too old. He's hasn't played in two years. He hasn't practiced. He is injury prone.

Are any of these previously described talking points legitimate reasons to play Nick Foles instead? Philadelphia faithful, sometimes in life desperate times call for desperate measures. Michael Vick needs to be brought in now to maximize the possibility for super bowl run. Conversation after conversation leads to a mutually dis satsified agreement verbalized by the phrase, "The Eagles would never do that."

When conversations boil down to summaries based in doubt rather than reason, the alternative is often the superlative. The best move the Eagles could make right now is to sign Michael Vick. 

Top Five Reasons Vick can Still Do It:

1: He knows the system.

2: He still has a cannon for an arm. 

3. As recently as 2015, he proved that he is capable of stepping in for a team (Pittsburgh) and razzle dazzle his way to a victory. 

4. He's physically superior to Nick Foles in every way that doesn't involve a tape measurer. 

5. He instantly creates the type of buzz that can rally a team that needs emotion.