Why Colin Kaepernick is The Best Option For The Eagles

Football Karma. 

There is no better explanation for all the good fortune the Philadelphia Eagles have been blessed with in the 2017 season. Bullet points for the checklist anyone?

-61 Yard Game Winning Field Goal (Check).

-Key turnovers when you need it the most (Check and check).

-Key injuries to your most difficult opponents (Check, check, and check). 

-Not-so-key injuries of your own that reveal hidden talent (Check).

-A timely suspension, that originally would have been anything but timely,  handed down to the best player on your biggest rival from the (dis)Honorable Roger Goodell (Check).

-A magical set of performances from a 6'5 240 pound athletic genius who's soul is his only trait that outshines his talent (Check.)

No Super Bowl rings? Hell yeah we deserve this, and no we are not going to shut up about the Eagles. Perhaps maybe it is our fault. We may have celebrated in the proverbial end zone for too long. It was only a matter of time before fate caught up with us. 

In a true foreshadowing of imminent doom, future Hall-Of-Famer Jason Peters went down with a torn ACL in week 7. The joyous Philadelphia faithful could only wince for a second. It was impossible to wince as we still had Wentz. 

Now that Carson Wentz has torn his ACL our hopes and dreams of a first ring rest in the hands of Nick Foles. He's been learning the playbook all year. He can manage the game and we can rely on our defense. He can do it, remember that one year where he had 27 TDs and 2 Ints?!

Does any rational football fan truly believe that Nick Foles was the driving force behind Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, Zac Ertz, LeSean McCoy, and the greatest offensive line the Eagles have had since Runyan was rumbling and Thomas was trucking?

Nick Foles is luckiest QB in NFL history, we cannot let him screw this up again.

What better place for Americans to come together than the original capital of the 13 original colonies?

The blue-collar, shit-talking Philadelphia Eagles fans are the exact paradox the NFL needs to convey clarity in the Colin Kaepernick situation. Many people find Kaepernick's actions disrespectful. That's a reasonable thought process. 

Many people find Colin Kaepernick to be a gutsy hero who is sacrificing his career for social justice. That is a reasonable thought process also. 

What isn't reasonable is to put Nick Foles in a position to fail with one of the greatest athletes to ever play the Quarterback position waiting in the wings to fly with the Eagles.

The Carson Wentz injury has not hit the Eagles fan base just yet. There has been too much happiness after years of turmoil to just give up on this season. The seeds of joy that blossomed into flowers of beauty, so rare a flower that the city of Philadelphia had never seen or knew how to react to, are now obsolete distant memories. If only these flowers sewn from those seeds had more sunlight to grow, then the cold peril that engulfed them right as the first snow fell upon Philadelphia, would be merely eerie detail in bad dream.

There is no better option than Kaepernick. 

He is superior to Nick Foles in every aspect of the game. Nick Foles was the beneficiary of Chip Kelly's unscouted system loaded with talent the NFL had never seen on one roster. We let him take over for Michael Vick because, well, what else were we supposed to do? Foles could have been the next Tom Brady for all we knew. He wasn't. We lost in the first round of the playoffs. 

The only possible way we can galvanize this city who has not realized how hopeless it is, is through one who has given hope to millions. The man is Colin Kaepernick. 

Don't screw this up again Eagles.