Miscellaneous Broadcastable Stories

Why Does BBB Get So Much Coverage? Because They're Halarious

BBB is one of the most entertaining stories in sports.

If it were just about the wins, losses, technique, and talent, sports would become monotonous. Even the biggest basketball junkies can understand why Lamelo Ball jackin' up three right after his father rips the Lakers' head coach is entertaining. Like it, love it, hate it, no one can deny the reality of Big Baller Brand; It sure is fun to watch. 

Everyone Who Played Sports Growing Up Knows Their Very Own Lavar Ball

Lavar Ball may seem absurd at times, but is there a legitimate reason why he should not look out for his children first? There's always going to be a loud father on the sidelines in every youth sports organization. A larger man with loud clothing, an opinion of every play, chalices on his hands from clapping so hard, and an arm around his children's shoulder after every day. Lavar Ball is not the first time we have seen this act. Just as every other parent that expects to see their very own loud parent at their son or daughter's game thinks a similar thought -- I wonder what type of halarious act I will see today. 

Accept Lavar Ball As The Funniest Parent in Sports

Why scold the media for Lavar rising to prominence? The goal for most media members is to generate clicks, ratings, and views. Lavar Ball's next move is usually more entertaining than the latest basketball genius giving his opinion on how a defense should change. Sports is a vehicle for many people to live life. Life is all about laughter and love. What is funnier and more heartwarming than a loud father who supports his children?