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Is Villanova's Mikal Bridges the Perfect Fit For The 76ers?

The modern NBA calls for versatile defenders who can shoot. At 6'7 210 pounds, Mikal Bridges may be the exact type of player that could round out the 76ers lineup as they head into the NBA draft with the 10th pick. With Robert Covington locked down at a reasonable price for the next several seasons, an inexpensive combo forward would be a necessary security blanket. 

The Case Against Bridges

When it comes to handling the basketball or having a quick first step Bridges has not shown anything other than adequacy. 

The Case For Bridges

Mikal Bridges has the wingspan proven to succeed in the NBA. As a perimeter defender in the NBA there is a common trait that nearly all good defenders possess: length. A man with a long head and short arms is often an unintended disguise for the size team's covet.  Not your standard back-against-the wall keep your head straight length (otherwise known as height), but rather the windspan or standing reach of a player. Questions such as a how big is Blake Griffin?, are often  replaced with how far can Kawhi Leonard reach? Statements such as what's the height of Cody Zeller can be replaced with "How big can Draymond Green play? or How easily can Robert Covington disrupt the passing lanes? 

Being able to reach just as high as a taller man, essentially negates one advantage that the taller man would otherwise have while blocking a shot or going for a rebound. In lamens terms, being able to reach higher is good. Whether it be cowaring perimeter defenders such as  Draymond Green (7'1 feet) and Kawhi Leonard(7'3), or paint-protectors such as Rudy Gobert(7'9) or Deandre Jordan, or do-it-all defenders such as the greatest to ever play the game Michael Jordan (6'11), the proof is in the pudding that a large wingspan is a massive advantage.  This is where college and NBA waters become muddled. This is where Mikal Bridges stands out. Mikal Bridges reportedly has a wingspan of 7'2 and been measured

In additon to length, Bridges also possesses experience in several different roles. He's had success off the bench for Villanova as an underclassmen before blossoming in his junior year as a starter. Scouts have raved about his ability to effect the game without having the ball in his hands. When the ball does touch his hands he has been deadly from beyond the arc shooting over 40% from three. 

Will Bridges Be Available At 10th Overall?

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