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Penncrest Basketball Star Ty Norwood Is a D1 Prospect

An overlooked talent is often the missing piece to a championship team.

The votes are in and Ty Norwood is First Team All-Delco once again. How many times can a player propel his team to new heights before the country recognizes greatness? How many times can an undersized point guard lead his team in scoring? How many times can a player clock an 8.3 lane agility time? How many times can that same player lead his team to WINNING? Cream rises to the top. 

2017 Delaware County Basketball Player of The Year Ty Norwood is the best basketball player in Southeastern PA without a D-1 Scholarship offer.

Penncrest coach Mike Doyle, who once was an assistant to longtime St. Joesph's University head basketball coach Phil Martelli, has repeatedly expressed confidence in Norwood's talent to the media. 

"This kid just keeps scoring, being a great teammate, and we're winning,' said Coach Mike Doyle.

"Ty can play at the Divison one level," he continued. 

With over a decade of experience coaching Penncrest basketball, few dare to question the reality that Coach Mike Doyle truly understands what it takes to play basketball at the collegiate level. Several of Coach Doyle's past players have performed at the next level. Players such as Rodney Duncan, Tim Brown, Chris Conlan, Marvin Holman-Little, Andrew Radomicki, Steve Sharp, Andrew Geisel, Ohio Domincian University's own Ben Casanova as well as a few unmentioned players that have shared the same blood(sometimes bloodline), sweat, and tears as Coach Doyle. Mike Doyle undoubtedly has a unique perspective on what it takes to get to the next level. 

Against Class 5A Level Competition, Norwood and Company Made Penncrest History

After a historic win that ended a 50 year playoff drought, a second district title, and another First Team All-Delco nod Norwood's resume speaks for itself. This is not intramural level basketball. This is playoff basketball. One basket could be the difference between a scholarship offer, community college, or entering directly into the workforce. An abundance of voracious practice hours often come down to a fraction of that time that determines the bounce of a ball. The pressure is at an all time high, yet these are the moments that Ty Norwood seems to relish. 

With the playoff victory, Penncrest matched the amount of playoff wins they have had in the last fifty years. 

Where will this Penncrest legend play his college ball?

After arguably the greatest career in Penncrest basketball history, Ty Norwood is at minimum a D1 level talent. With a vast array of ways to finish around the basket and a silky smooth jumper, Norwood is a talented scorer. Norwood, far from in skill level but near neighboring in form, has a game akin to the 5'8 Isaiah Thomas of the Los Angeles Lakers for he is an undersized scoring point guard that can facilitate, penetrate, and ultimately dominate.