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The Sixers Need To Grow Up In Order To Win Game 3

With the process still in motion, the Sixers learned a hard lesson tonight against the Celtics. Arguably a mismatch on paper in favor of Philadelphia, turned into a close victory for Boston. Ben Simmons was active on the defensive end in addition to notching seven assists, but was only able to muster a single free-throw in the scoring column. A Sixers team that has been lauded as a resourceful fountain of youth looked dazed and confused as Al Horford rumbled to the  rim unabated to seal the game. 

Turnovers Were A Major Issue

Players can struggle, but it was far from the norm to see Ben Simmons record more turnovers than points. With 5 turnovers from Simmons the rookie proved incapable of protecting the ball in game two. A correctable set of mistakes, Brett Brown preached fundamentals as well as noting the abundance of turnovers from Simmons as Brown looked to prepare his team to bring a second round playoff victory to Philadelphia.

The Sixers Need The Philly Fan's Support To Win Game 3

A star-studded event including Kevin Hart, Meek Mill, as well as the always honorable Gucci Mane La Flare left little to be desired as both teams put on a great show. Despite a two-handed slam from Jaylen Brown and a silky smooth deuce in transition from Jayson Tatum, the Sixers managed to rally down the stretch. With a twenty point lead in the second quarter, the Sixers failed to find the energy to control their sizable lead heading into halftime. With a loud crowd of Philly faithful at their back, the Sixers will seek redemption at Wells Fargo Center this Saturday night.