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Embiid's Gutsy Tweet at Rihanna Leaves Twitterverse Waiting

Rihanna and her 86 million followers on twitter await her response to Joel Embiid.

After Joel Embiid’s message to Rihanna on twitter, the basketball and entertainment universe is eagerly awaiting a response. Rihanna has gained a notorious reputation for clapping back to several suitors, many of whom are athletes or entertainers themselves. 

Rihanna’ has a history of shutting down athletes on social media.

Who could forget her burn on J.R. Smith when he was with the New York Knicks. J.R. has since won a championship ring. Joel Embiid responded to Rihanna’s challenege to become an all-star by doing just that this season. 

Former LA Laker Matt Barnes also felt the wrath of Rihanna on twitter when she dropped the hastag #shesnotintoyouatall. 

Rihanna once mentioned a rumor that she was with Andrew Bynum as insulting.


Things working for Joel Embiid's chances with Rihanna:

1. He fulfilled Rihanna’s request to “Become an all-star first.”

2. Rihanna has shown compassion many times as a philanthropist. Perhaps the same applies to injured athletes.

3. Several products from her new cosmetics line launch soon. Why not boost sales as the NBA playoffs begin? 

Things working against Joel Embiid’s chances with Rhianna:

1. He big timed her when he was asked about her during the all-star game.

2. Rihanna was once named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine, an honor that tends to call for more than just a twitter message for those seeking companionship. 

3. Rihanna may be too busy for a fling with a 24-year old NBA player