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Conservative Leader Mark Levin's New Show Is Fantastic

With a strong foundation of millions of  weekly listeners on the radio, conservative movement leader Mark Levin debuted his new Fox News show with success. Life, Liberty, and Levin debuted with a riveting discussion pertaining to liberty. Former Reagan administration member Mark Levin is the most trusted conservative member of the media. Life, Liberty, and Levin debuted this past Sunday at 9pm Eastern Time.  After a CPAC poll indicated that Barack Obama's presidential ranking rounded out to an impressive 12th, America voted with their feet as Donald Trump shocked the world. After eight years, there was no longer a Nobel Peace Prize winning liberal holding the most powerful position, arguably in the universe. Despite pending space exploration's lack of true evidence to support this possibility, there was one question on many victorious Republican's minds as the world lauded Obama and anxiously awaited Donald Trump. 

Who do we look for to understand what it is to be a truly principaled conservative? Mark Levin.

A true intellectual savant armed with advanced aptitude, host of Fox News' new show Life, Liberty, and Levin,  the man known as "The Great One" brings a wealth of knowledge. As deputy attorney general to Edwin Meese during his days working in Ronald Reagan's administration, Levin saw the grassroots conservative movement's greatest days. Brilliant, honest, and truly consistent, Mark Levin could single-handedly change the way the American public views Donald Trump.

After graduating high school at age 16, college at age 19 with summa cum laude honors, Levin culminated his impressive academic career in 1980 at Temple Beasley School of Law. He has averaged over ten million weekly listeners on "The Mark Levin Show."

Mark Levin is the closest media member we have left to Ronald Reagen.

Now that Mark Levin's TV show is off and running we have a chance to hear true conservative principles on a weekly basis. Levin TV is available during the week as well and Levin shows great potential as a debate moderator. The nation of constitutional conservatives, infamously known as "The Levinites" are swarming to the forefront of the news media as Donald Trump has put together the most conservative presidential term since Ronald Reagan.