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Super Bowl Legend Brandon Graham: Moneytime Playmaker

Too often sporting events come down to a near stalemate. Championships are won in the clutch.

Big time players make big time plays in big time games, and Brandon Graham solidified his status as a maker of such plays on the world's biggest stage. As the balance of a city swayed with every snap Brandon Graham seized the moment and delivered in spectacular fashion. Whether it is a game saving tackle, a drive stalling hit, or even a legendary forced fumble for a Super Bowl Ring, Graham shines brightest when the threat of imminent darkness is looming. 

Graham Came Through In The Clutch Vs. Atlanta

With 4:35 left in the fourth quarter and Julio Jones playing on a level beyond anyone else on the field, Devonta Freeman made a dash for some room for Matt Ryan to operate. Freeman's pursuit of yardage led him directly to the ground looking up at a ferocious Brandon Graham six yards in the backfield. Plays like this have a merciless impact on a drive. Not only did he set the tone on the first play, but merely four plays later Devonta Freeman possessed the football with his  eyes seeing open space and his legs churning like a bull in a rodeo contest. Who tripped up Freeman before a potentially game winning run? Brandon Graham makes plays when Philadelphia needs them the most.  

He's Come Through In The Clutch Since Day One Of The Season

In the opening weekend showdown with the rival Washington Redskins, Kirk Cousins made a late effort to snare a victory from the Eagles. Facing a crucial make or break situation late in the game with his team behind, Cousins surveyed the field to move the sticks. In the midst of Kirk Cousins finally eyeing the open man, Brandon Graham came screaming off the edge to force a tip at the line of scrimmage, and paving the way for an eventual Super Bowl Title. 

Brandon Graham Put Philadelphia On His Back As Brady Stared Down Another Game Winning Drive

After allowing 33 points and digging in time after time against the greatest Quarterback in the world, only longtime Eagles' announcer Merrill Reese could perfectly described Philadelphia sore need for a turnover. With an uncomfortable two minutes and twenty-one seconds left on the clock Tom Brady surgically dropped off a pass to one of the greatest tight ends to ever play football. With only two yards for a fresh set of downs and a stagnant clock, Brandon Graham prepared for the moment. With two slaps and a twist of a lineman's elbow Graham leaned with all his might as he stuck arm out for the City of Brotherly Love. As he knocked the ball free the realistic hopes and dreams of a sixth super bowl ring fell into the anxiously awaiting arms of Derek Barnett. 

When Philadelphia needs a play the most Brandon is ready to prove he is worth more than his weight in Grahams.