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Just How Good Was Foles Performance? Top Five Eagle QB Games

After weeks and weeks of bashing Nick Foles in every way possible, Nick Foles delivered.

After Carson Wentz's injury the staff at MiscellaneousBs.com openly doubted the prospects of Nick Foles leading Philadelphia to the Super Bowl. After an unbelievable performance for the ages MiscellaneousBS.com has only one thing to say to Nick Foles -- We're Sorry. 

Nick Foles put together one of the best performances in Eagles playoff history this past Sunday.

Anyone who understands football cannot deny that Nick Foles played absolutely phenomenal when it mattered the more. His throws were not easy by any stretch. To absorb contact in a pocket filled  with menacing behemoths on the Viking's defensive line and survive is impressive. To emerge from that very same pocket and fire the ball nearly sixth yards in the air during the NFC championship to a wide open Alshon Jeffery is so impressive it now stands as a gem stored in the annuls of Eagles history. The throw to Torrey Smith was picture perfect. The patience that Foles showed all game was as good as anyone could have predicted. Nick Foles, deserve an apology. 

Best Performance By Any QB In Eagles History?

Just how good was Nick Foles performance? Let's see how it stacks up to some other Eagles QB's.

Donovan McCnabb Vs. The Packers in 2003 "The 4th and 26 Game"

McNabb completed 21-for-39 passes for 248 yards and ran for 107 yards. These stats include a legendary 4th down and 26 where Donovan McCnabb hit Freddie Mitchell on a season saving pass where he truly threaded the needle showing off his arm talent in dramatic fashion. Overall, Foles put up far more efficent numbers in a bigger game.

Edge: Foles

Rodney Pete Vs. Detriot 1995 NFC Wild Card

Any Eagles fan old enough to understand football remembers Rodney Pete's 3 TDs, 268 yards, and most impressive Hail Mary throw in a 58-37 win. Though his passer rating was 143.1 compared to Foles 141.1, can anyone doubt the fact that Foles did it on a bigger stage vs. a better defense?

Edge: Foles

Randall Cunningham 1988 "The Fog Bowl"

Throwing for 407 yards in the fog is no easy feat. It is also not an easy feat to throw 3 interceptions in a loss. 

Edge: Foles

Ron Jaworski 1979 Playoffs Vs Chicago

Jaws was no slouch in this 27-17 victory over the Bears. Three Tds and over 200 yards passing was very impressive. With an interception and a passer rating of 104, there is a clear winner of the greatest game ever Quarterbacked by an Eagle. 

Edge: Nick Foles 

We at MiscellaneousBS.com and every other Foles doubted are putting on our bibs tonight and having a side of crow for dinner. Regardless of how Nick Foles plays from here on out he will always have one of the greatest performances in Eagles playoff history under his belt. We have no other option but to say this to Nick Foles

On behalf of all the Nick Foles doubters, we sincerely apologize for doubting you Nick Foles, now please can you deliver one more time and get us that ring,