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As Long As Tyrod Taylor is Starting He's a Top 12 Fantasy QB

A mobile quarterback with a big arm may not always guarantee victory, but more often than not it does provide a better chance at racking up fantasy football points. After allowing 529 yards against the Tampa Bay Bucs, Tyrod Taylor will have every opportunity to keep Baker Mayfield holding a clipboard this Sunday. A team notorious for running a man-to-man coverage scheme known as cover-zero, the New Orleans defenders may find themselves looking at their assignment rather than monitoring the threat of Taylor tucking the ball away for rushing yardage. 

Don't Sleep On Josh Gordon As A Taylor-Made Weapon

Josh Gordon is a problem. A problem off the field. A problem for defenses on the field.  A problematic symbol of a divisive and controversial football league in America. Call him an immature jerk. Call him a victim. Call him what ever your conscience derives, as long as you admit that this man can flat out ball. While no one can rightfully deny the reality that smoking marijuana is against NFL policy, is there any doubt that Josh Gordon has managed to overcome whatever physical disadvantages smoking marijuana has burdened him with aside from his eligibility? 

The answer is no. 

There is no doubt about his talent, toughness, and ability to produce on a football field. If there's one tangible thing that the Cleveland Browns have lacked over the past decade, it's people who have the ability to produce on a football field. Time and time again this man has shown that he is one of the best wide receivers in the game. After barely playing the entire game in week one, leaving his dedicated fantasy football supporters angry and confused, some even begging for the Cleveland Browns to just put the disciplinary propaganda to the side for five minutes so that they can just win a game,(perhaps even propel a few fantasy teams to a close victory) Gordon flashed his talent once again with a ridiculous touchdown grab. 

Give Gordon a combination of Jason Campbell, Brian Hoyer, and Brandon Wedeen and he puts up 1600+ yards in 14 games. Give Gordon a capable Tyrod Taylor coupled with Jarvis Landry in the slot and the sky is the limit. 

The most likely thing to be smoked this Sunday is the defender who is covering this phenom who is 27 years young ready to put up over 27 fantasy points. 

Value Based Draft Analysis

The top quarterbacks in fantasy football last year not named Brady weren't afraid to leg it out on the ground. Rather than Big Ben, Captain Kirk, and Matty Ice topping the legendary Joe Bryant's own value based draft (VBD) statistical sorting, its Russell Wilson (586 Rushing Yards), Cam Newton (754 Rushing Yards), Alex Smith (335 Rushing Yards), and the five-time national champion one-time headset wearing Super Bowl champion Carson Wentz rounding out the statisical pack with 299 yards rushing. All hair splitting aside, QB's who can run the ball have an easier time adding value to their fantasy teams. Tyrod Taylor can run the rock. He doesn't need to go after Norm Van Brocklin's immortal 554 yard record to put up a healthy sum on for any fantasy football team. It is that simple. The Brown's starting QB is looking like a steal off the waiver wire for week 2 and beyond. A healthy participating Tyrod Taylor is a top 12 fantasy football QB indeed. 

2017 Value Based Draft (VBD) QB Rankings:

1. Russell Wilson   93

2. Cam Newton    44

3. Tom Brady        41

4. Alex Smith        40

5. Carson Wentz  26

Tyrod Taylor 2018 ???